Life And Critical Illness Cover

Life And Critical Illness Cover sameer August 1, 2022
Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance planning is about protecting yourself and your loved ones – paying into a policy that pays out in the event of your death, a critical illness, accidental injury, or loss of income.

A vast array of policies to cover all types of personal insurance – be it life insurance, critical illness insurance, medical, accidental death, disability, long-term care or family income protection – can be a bit of a minefield sorting through the fine print and caveats.

Sameer Alam offers personal insurance assistance by taking you through the relevant options available for the type of insurance you need. This alleviates the worry and allows greater peace of mind, leaving you secure in the knowledge that both you and your family are protected against any eventuality in the way you want to be.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

The very foundation of insurance is the ability to protect both yourself and your family against the things in life that you can’t control – your health and, of course, your death. Arguably, life insurance is the most important stone in this foundation, especially if you have dependents. If you have dependents, you want to provide for them. Providing for them in the event of your death will mean securing an income.

It’s time to ask yourself some difficult questions… What would happen if you died? What would the future hold for your dependents? What problems would they have? What would they have to give up? What effect would this have on them?

These questions are difficult to answer because it’s hard to be objective when confronted with such an emotive issue. Yet it is simply a matter of discussing your needs with a professional adviser who can show you how to protect you and your family.

The type of life insurance you need depends on how much your family wants to maintain its standard of living in the event of your death, and there are a number of options open to you:

The whole of Life Insurance – is insurance that pays out to your beneficiary in the event of your death, whenever that may be. Benefits are paid on death or age specified in the policy, typically at 100.

Term of Life Insurance – insurance against your untimely death for a fixed number of years for the duration of your children’s education.

Decreasing Term Insurance – insurance which can be used to pay off a mortgage or other loans in the event of your death during the outstanding period of the loan. The death benefit decreases over the term to virtually nothing in the final year.

Annual Renewable Life Insurance – is insurance applicable for expatriates who would like to insure themselves for one year at a time in response to changing circumstances.
Critical-Illness Cover

Critical-illness Cover

One in three people, aged 30 now, by the age of 65, will have suffered a critical illness.

An alarming statistic. If the one-in-three turns out to be you, consider the financial effects this would have if you couldn’t continue to work, let alone be able to afford the cost of any treatment.

Mortgage payments, bills and the general costs of living won’t disappear if you are taken ill, but the income that provides for your family’s needs will cease, at least for a time. Critical illness cover protects you in this eventuality and will pay out if you cannot work due to severe or ongoing illness.

Income Protection

Income Protection

Suppose you haven’t immensely suffered what is termed a critical illness, but you can’t work for two years because of a complex leg fracture or the loss of sight in one eye. Would your employer continue to pay a full salary to cover all your utility bills and credit cards?

If the answer is no, then the solution is to secure protection for a percentage of your income if you cannot work due to injury or severe illness that will pay out either a lump sum or scheduled payments.

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance

An accident insurance plan is designed to pay out after an accident, from a whole gamut of consequences, such as losing a thumb to complete loss of life.

There are many flexible plans from a multitude of providers to choose from. Sameer Alam will help you sift through the options and decide on the proper insurance protection for you.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Some countries offer a free health service or one where the cost to the individual has been dramatically reduced. Yet what happens when you move to a country and start work where this advantage just doesn’t exist?

The cost of medical insurance can become prohibitive in many cases. So, if your company doesn’t provide medical insurance, its benefits are just too primary. A comprehensive ‘needs analysis’ is required from your financial adviser to show you the types of cover available from the vast number of companies offering these schemes.

Costs can vary significantly between providers and across the countries they cover, so it is extremely important to discuss this with a specialist in this subject.

Long Term Care Benefit

Long Term Care Benefit

Sameer Alam will help you:

  • Decide and plan what to do for the best.
  • Understand the myriad of rules surrounding state funding.
  • Decide how to fund the cost of care while preserving as much capital as possible.

You have settled in the country you want to retire in, and life is good, but then you or a loved one falls ill and needs constant care. Will your adopted country pay for all the care costs? Most won’t.

Do you ask other family members for help or sell your assets or home? The solutions are many, but all involve some form of long-term planning and insurance by making good use of current assets and/or saving for this potential problem.

Family Income / Benefit Protection

Family Income / Benefit Protection

Usually less expensive than lump-sum level term insurance, family income protection pays out a regular income to dependents in the event of your death, either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.


Sameer Alam consistently delivers unbiased and professionally tailored insurance solutions, providing clients with the best advice at all levels.

Contact us for a bespoke service with one of our highly qualified international insurance specialists and find a way to protect you and your family.

The advice we provide in this guide is free and without obligation.

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