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General Insurance sameer January 20, 2021
Personal Insurance

General Insurance

Insuring anything other than human life is referred to as general insurance. It covers property such as your home, business, and belongings against fire and theft or vehicles against accidental damage or theft.

Personal liability as a result of any accident can also be insured
and this type of insurance is compulsory in some cases.
Property or Building Insurance

Property or Building Insurance

If you have a mortgage, you will almost always have to have the property insured as one of the mortgage loan conditions. Some of the things to consider with this type of insurance are:

The rebuilding cost – it should be index linked to the cost of rebuilding every year

Accidental damage – to cover unforeseen accidents in the home, such as putting a foot through the loft floor, for example, or water leakage from a washing machine damage caused by burglary

An ‘Act of God’, includes things like lightning, or a flood, but these clauses need to be checked thoroughly as they are sometimes omitted.

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers the contents of your home and pays out in the event of loss of valuable possessions, which you may not be able to afford to replace without insurance. There are many pitfalls and exclusions to watch out for when securing this type of insurance. One of the most common issues to clarify is accidental damage to your possessions; a classic example is spilling paint onto the floor/carpet or dropping the television when moving it.

It is essential to access the correct level of cover for all possessions. Check thoroughly how much the chosen insurance company will pay out. Some will pay out 100 per cent of all claims – others a lesser percentage for all or part claims, and there may be maximum limits on specific claims, especially when valuables such as jewellery or cash you keep at home.

An ‘all-risks’ clause covers valuable items you wish to insure wherever you are in the world, for example, on holiday, but always check any maximum limits. Other often- missed clauses to check out are for mobile phones and the calls that could be made if the phone is stolen, plus coverage for the contents of the fridge/freezer while you are away.
If you own, but let out, a property to tenants, you must ensure you have adequate buildings and contents insurance to cover both this and your own property and any eventuality therein. It is worth considering specialist landlord insurance companies who would not only offer the usual insurances, but coverage for voids in rental income too. It’s important to discuss all types of general insurance cover with your adviser as one size does not fit all. Each of us requires a bespoke plan.
Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is usually required in any country in which you own and drive a car. Each country’s government will usually stipulate motor insurance to register your vehicle. Be aware that some countries offer minimal types of motor insurance, such as for a ‘third party only, so reading the small print is essential. If you are not comfortable with the level of cover on offer, then consider comprehensive motor insurance for maximum protection.

Always be aware when securing motor insurance that rates may vary drastically. Don’t assume that the quote you receive is the standard within that country because shopping around for competitive rates is as essential as it is in your home country.
You may be able to transfer any No Claims Discount/Bonus from your existing country – it is difficult, but not impossible.

There are three main types of motor insurance:

1. Third-Party pays out the minimum (allowable by law) liability coverage to any third parties who may have died or suffered an injury or damage to a vehicle or property resulting from an accident you have caused.

2. Third Party Fire and Theft, which would pay out as above in the event of you causing an accident, but also for any loss you suffer as a result of a theft of your vehicle

3. Comprehensive, which offers the maximum protection for you and others involved. It provides the benefits of the two covers above, plus an ‘all risks’ insurance cover.

Different countries will have different requirements concerning the minimum amount of insurance an individual must have, so it is always advisable to ensure you understand your own particular country of residence’s requirements.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must when either going on holiday or a business trip. There are many permutations so it is crucial that you find the right type and one that meets your needs exactly.

You must ensure you are covered not only for where you are going but also for what you do while away. Understanding the terms and conditions will ensure you have everything you need to be covered, and a qualified adviser can assist. We all must be prepared for the unexpected – volcanic ash, civil commotion, political unrest…

Single trip insurance usually covers individuals for 60 days, so if you are going away for 70 days, can you assume you are covered for the first 60 days? Unfortunately, no – you would not be covered at all. The whole policy would become invalid.

Annual travel insurance usually allows for multiple trips. This often saves time and money, but it is worth remembering that different trips mean different experiences. Keep checking what you’re doing, whether winter sports, sub-aqua diving or mountain climbing is covered.

You may also have pre-existing medical conditions or be aged over 65, which could severally affect the coverage you have and/or increase the premiums. These days, though, there are plenty of specialist insurance companies than can cater for additional needs.

There is also such a thing as backpackers’ travel insurance, a more specialised form of either annual or single plans. Again, you must understand the terms and conditions.

Marine and Aviation Insurance

Marine and Aviation Insurance

Travel insurance is a must when going on holiday or a business trip. These are huge and diverse areas of insurance within the marine and aviation environment, from protecting your small three-metre fishing boat to insuring an armada of bulk carriers or a squadron of aircraft.

It is all about discussing your needs with someone with the expertise and knowledge to advise on securing the best possible insurance for you.



Whatever your needs, Sameer Alam is available to look at personal or commercial insurance and offer competitive quotes and a fast and reliable professional service.

It is worth benefiting from our expertise, knowledge and independence and knowing that, whatever your requirements are, you will always receive a first-class service.

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